Other People’s Opinion

Ugh! Damn I really want to not care if other people don’t like me or what I teach but it bothers me. I offer on-site trainings as well as private coaching. My on-site trainings are almost always mandatory for the audience. So when evaluation results come in it’s not uncommon for people to not like what I was putting down! You’ve coached me before about the 80/20 philosophy. I’m still wanting 100% of them to take something away, to have found it valuable whether or not the training was mandatory. This particular company I had facilitated a workshop there back in Dec and this time there were comments like “I felt that Julie was a little “off” this time. I felt there wasn’t a great connection with her and the group” , “Her stories and examples are great but she repeats her point multiple times rather than just driving it home once or twice”, “This was a disappointing meeting”.
So what am I making it mean? That I suck and Lord knows that’s not a helpful way to think about it. There were good comments too but my brain want’s to go over and over and over the not so great ones.

C Evaluations
T I didn’t do a good job. I disappointed ppl.
F Ashamed/humiliated
A buffer
R feel worse

C Evaluations
T 20% of ppl won’t like me or what I have to say and that’s ok
F accepting
A let it go
R The company will decide whether to have me back or not.

That R doesn’t feel very empowering as I’ve given my power away.

R I have evidence that I’m helping others
R Rejection is part of the deal of putting yourself out there
R There are plenty that I am helping.

Clearly I still need help on how to just let these comments be neutral. Thanks Brooke!