Other peoples opinions – I think I get it now!

C- Manager said words.
My manager said he was worried my husband had the coronavirus and could bring it to our office. Didn’t want him to come by to pick up an item.

T- I had thoughts about this. I observed it, at first I thought – that is insulting and accusatory-
but then I thought that the manager was probably just afraid and freaking out.
F- feeling at first was defensive, but then was compassionate and curious.
A – sat with this and let the defensiveness drift away to how I want to feel, which is compassionate and curious.
R – calm and loving towards coworkers, used reassuring words.

So happy I was able to turn this around in my head without reacting out loud.
I thought about today’s Chaos podcast, that it is ok for us all to be human and have our own reactions!! So great!!