Other People’s suffering

Hello, wonderful coaches. Lately I’ve been consumed in thought about the people in my life, and why they are suffering.

In my experience on this planet, I found myself curious about life and why I think and feel the way I do and that’s why I found SCS and enrolled.

However, these people in my life suffer existential crisis on a daily basis but they don’t have the same curiosity to make any changes. To create what they want in their life. They are completely caught up in the belief that life happens to you, that you’re dealt a hand of cards and that’s all you get.

I want to help them because I love them, I want them to know suffering is part of the deal but it only needs to be 50% of the time instead of 100%. However I hesitate to ‘coach’ them because most people don’t want to be told that everything that happens to them is their responsibility. It’s much easier to blame the outside world.

So how do you help the people you love, when they believe life just happens to you? That simply existing isn’t the same as living.