Others coming late to an event

C: People we are meeting arrive at 7:58 PM to outdoor play that begins at 8 PM instead of 6:30 PM as they communicated and when we arrived accordingly.
T: I’m allowed to be disappointed they are late and express it.
F: Acceptance
A: Let go of people-pleasing need / not wanting to offend someone with my disappointment. Explain briefly and matter of fact that we had arrived early as planned to socialize and in the future would like them to let us know if they need to change the time. Move on emotionally after sharing this. Decide to be more selective which events in the future to attend with them (i.e., not say yes out of obligation or to events I don’t really want to attend but are just doing to spend time with them).
R: I build the ability to feel and express disappointment authentically in my relationships.