Other’s models about me

I know that other’s feelings toward me are about them but I am having trouble working out where to put others models about me in my model to work through it. My husband’s go-to statement whenever he feels like I am acting in a way that he believes makes him feel bad is “I feel like you don’t like me.” It can happen at any time of day or night. I can be in the best mood and smiling at him and feeling great or I can be in a bad mood and unintentionally being snappish if he feels like I am not acting loving toward him he says this phrase. I know I do not have control over his thoughts and feelings but it does make me sad that he seems to belive this thought or at the very least doesn’t want to challenge it. It seems like he is committed to believing that I do not like him. I have read other q&a questions along these lines but I still don’t know how to work through this. I am trying to feel love and create that feeling by having good thoughts about him but I am letting his thoughts about me affect me. I can handle his other criticisms of me but to be literally told that he thinks I do not like him hurts. I guess the thought is, ‘how can I be such a bad person when I have done so much to show him that I love him?’ It devastates me.