Our Stories

Hi Brooke
First, thank you dearly for your enlightened and perceptive response to my podcast question. I love how I continue to learn…and with that your Live Call on Friday was very meaningful for me as I listened to you coach Darcy. My heart was one with her as she shared her exhaustion with her self loathing and the heavy bag of rocks she carries around identifying who she she is. This was me to the letter before I came to The Life Coach School. I spent countless hours in and out of therapy supported by nights upon nights hiding behind bottles of wine. I proudly wore the badge of broken individual as my emotional self lay flattened on the pavement like blob of silly putty. When I found the LCS and devoted myself to the work and its offerings I felt high, as if looking into the mirror I saw someone new and unfamiliar. What I now realize is that it is me, a work in progress me, a better person and as you say, a better version of oneself. I don’t have to be tired and exhausted, I get to own my thoughts, I get to tell this story. I want to thank you for helping me, and so many others like me, to see that we don’t have to live our lives shuttered in and that being afraid is just that and its alright; that self compassion comes first and that being human is nothing to be ashamed of. You have shown me that the story I tell includes this one and the even bigger one going forward. That I can shape and chisel it any way I want and actually be excited for what it may become. My past is like an old friend that would tell me lies over and over again; always there when I needed her the least. Now, I am in the process of saying goodbye to her. Thank you Brooke.