"Our thoughts are louder than our intuition?" Fact? or Thought?

Bev recently said on a coaching call “our thoughts are louder than our intuition” and I was curious about this. Is this a fact or a thought?

In my experience, with past relationships, I had this gut feeling and would also hear words in my head (my own thoughts) but I was also very in tune with my body.

I am working on really getting clear on the difference between resistance/tension vs. flow and ease when it comes to anything (work, relationships)

In the past, I would justify, rationalize and argue with my own truth in order to pursue these relationships and I went against myself.

I am not sure if it matters in what order this happens when it comes to gut feeling/thought….but what I’ve learned (and am learning) is to pay very close attention to my gut instinct and to honor a new belief system from self-love, self-care, self-worth and self-trust.

Now that I am typing this out…since our THOUGHTS create our FEELINGS what is a “Gut feeling?” is it different than a feeling or is it all the same?

Thank you for sharing your insights and to Bev for her wonderful coaching!