Out of control

Hi Coaches,

I’m coming here from a vulnerable place. I’m a Coach and one who has studied SCS extensively. I’ve used the weight loss and buffering tools to lose 40 lbs and have a new relationship with food.

About 6 months ago, I slipped back into old habits. And recently, I’ve worked to get myself back to my protocol again. But I feel out of control. I know that’s my thought, and I’ve modeled it again and again, and I can’t seem to stop overeating and bingeing and eating when I’m not hungry. I have all of the tools but don’t know where to start.

Deciding my compelling reason?
Continuing with my urge jar?
Rewatching all the videos?

I feel like I’ve done these things and nothing is sticking. I don’t know where to begin here and I feel scared.