Out of routine/traveling

I think this is something a lot of people can relate to.
When I’m out of my routine, (which is often because I love to travel and go away on the weekends)- all my tools go out the window! Actual example is last weekend I was in LA visiting with friends bouncing around, going to various events and parties, celebrating my birthday.
I think what happened is I got over hungry and then overeat at dinner time at one of the parties for distraction, but used being hungry/not having my usual healthy foods available as an excuse. And then I let it spill into the next morning. I do my best to prepare but when traveling ect. it is always harder to be mindful, choose the feelings instead of the food, slow down enough to be aware of what Im doing than when I’m in the little bubble of my home.
What recommendations do you have for these situations please?!!
I’ve come such a long way, and learning your approach has truly changed my life, would love help with this piece. Big mooshy gratitude to you Brooke.