Out of work

I work at a trauma center and on Friday it closed. Because I’m an acupuncturist, I’m not able to do tele therapy like most of the staff. I’ve been at this company for 5 years and have gone beyond and above to be an exceptional employee. When we closed, our clinic director (who’s also my friend) mentioned to our boss that I, along with two other employees will be out of work. Her response was, “I hope they will be ok!”
I was so angry and then cried because I wanted her to show a shred of humanity in this situation. I heard Brooke talk about when we are angry and feeling like a victim, we look for a villain because it’s better to feel anger than fear. I’m paraphrasing but it made a lot of sense and…I’m still so angry with her. My T’s don’t serve me and would like to move on. Struggling with an IM and would love some guidance.
C-Boss didn’t give me money while center is closed
T-She is selfish
A-talk shit about her, feel sorry for myself
R-I am being selfish by bad mouthing her


Thank you