Out-running a past life by overworking?

I love my work and my business (I’m a successful health coach), and I came to Scholar’s mostly for business and money help, and I’ve had significant improvements in both areas, using Brooke’s triple your Biz techniques and all the time management info.

As I embark upon my first $14,000 *WEEK* (!!!) in my business, which would have been unheard of for me last year at this time, I am excited but also panicked. I am working through some imposter syndrome and worry about being perfect for my clients.

What I keep encountering is this feeling of urgency, fear, and the need to hustle. I used to think it was because of money, but money is fine and flowing now. But I still feel such an urgency and worry that it drives me to want to constantly work, and wear myself out.

I left a marriage 5 years ago bc I felt that I couldn’t be the person I needed to be (work and soul-wise). So, I left, and there were years of drama and fallout: emotionally for both me and my ex.

I started a new career, new life, which I love, but fear I don’t deserve. Now I always feel that I have to prove my work and business are valid bc it’s the reason I left and broke my ex-husband’s heart (his words), and caused so much pain for us both.

So, it’s like there’s this big pressure around my work. Being perfect… or proving it was worth causing so many years of heart-break for myself and my ex. It’s too much pressure and I know I need to release it.

I’m just not sure how. It’s almost like I’m trying to outrun my past, and I feel like if I am successful enough at work I can do that.

In the meantime I have an amazing new partner and a baby daughter, I want to enjoy them and feel like I deserve them, but sometimes don’t feel that way or still feel I have to prove myself and that I made the right decision all those years ago to leave.

In this, should the C in the model be: “Work”, “Ending my marriage”,

or start with the F line: “Urgency”?, or “Pressure”

or T- “I have to prove myself”

Thank you for any insights.