Outraged at new French government – Help with models

Hi there,

I’m feeling rage tonight. I am French and a new government was established tonight. Among them, one minister is accused of rape and has been for quite a while. Another one has said sexist things and defended criminals. I can’t get my models clearly, I feel like my feelings are getting out of reach. Would love your help !

C: Minister One was appointed in new government
T: He should never have even been considered to be in the government.
F: Outraged
A: Arguing with reality, spinning in thoughts, trying to understand.
R: I can’t do anything about him being in this government.

C: Minister Two was appointed at Ministry of Justice and said (among other things)”Women miss being whistled at”
T: A sexiest should never run this country’s justice department.
F: Angry
A: Speechless. Looking for evidence about what he said and discovering even more outrageous comments.
R: I am completely discouraged.

Thanks for your help…