I am an aspiring screenwriter and have been hiring coaches to give me feedback as well as mentor me to write a complete script for already five years.

I have written few works that were valued as “not ready” or “not good enough” by them and by contests.

I currently have one coach that I already paid to for two packages and we are working together.
I love his style and mentorship a lot but he is very tough with me and shoots down almost every idea I have.

Recently I came across a blog of another coach and really resonated with what she wrote and paid her for 1.5 hour consultation, which went well.

Surprisingly, she loved one of the ideas I pitched her and was excited for me to work on it.

Now, this coach offers me a 15-sessions package and I noticed myself wanting to sign up and on the other hand, not wanting.

Here are my models:

C= Email from a new coach offering me t sign up for a package.
T= I already have a coach. I don’t need another one, I just need to keep getting better at my craft.
F= Certain (of my coach though doubting my good-enoughness).
A= Give it my all to the current coach I have and to my projects, trust that I have all the information that I need to succeed.
R= I stay with my current coach. Perhaps over time I am getting better at my craft?

C= Email from a new coach offering me t sign up for a package.
T= Maybe she has the answer to what I am missing and can finally help me succeed.
F= Uncertain, In-A-Hurry.
A= Contemplating hurrying and signing up with her, worrying she might not have the answer, aware that I might be seeking an easy way to get better at my craft.
R= ? (no result yet as I haven’t decided whether to sign up or not)…

What I do know is that I don’t like the hurry that I have to sign up with her, and also I asked myself, “What if I did believe that I can figure it out on my own and that I don’t need another coach?” and my answer was that in that case I wouldn’t go and hire another one.

But then I think that “there is no harm in hiring another one and that I can only lose by not giving her a chance to help me become a better screenwriter.”

And so, on and on I switch between thinking that hiring her is a good decision and not a good decision.

Would love your help with this.