Over commitment

So I love to do all the things and often find myself over committed. For example, I am in Bali traveling/working and wanted to go to for networking events a week for the month I am here. Go to Crossfit 3x a week. Work on my business. And see the sights (I had a list of 5 day trips). I got sick the third day so that has drastically changed what I have been able to do. I have a lot of thoughts about being sick. Like it shouldn’t be an excuse. I need to honor my calendar no matter what. This is a pattern in my life. I will never get anything done. I commit/ think I can do a lot and in reality shit happens and things come up. It just seems like I either have to sacrifice what my body is telling me I need aka rest, or my dreams and things I want to do. I make it mean I am never going to make it or accomplish anything.

C- Gone to Cross fit 4x, 1 networking event, 1 day trip
T- Ive let myself down again
F- Disappointed
A-beat myself up, worry, try to re-plan everything,
R-Ive let myself down in that I am not showing up how I want to by thinking that thought