Over-committing and “under delivering” at work

I’m juggling 3 different jobs at work and I’m making “slow” progress towards each of them. I’ve worked a lot on my thoughts about being good enough and not having imposter syndrome. I’ve worked a lot on accepting that my rate of progress in any one of these jobs is just the right amount. I’ve been able to embrace that I’m a badass doing it all and also being a mom and a role model for trainees at work. Only now I’ve gotten some evidence from one of my bosses at work that I may not being doing as well or as much as I could be or should be doing. It reminded me that I started a project with him and it ended up going on the back burner to other more pressing things that he isn’t a part of. What he thinks of me matters for my job security and career development, so now I’m wondering if I coached myself into complacency. I also coincidentally also listened to your “work ethic” podcast, and definitely know I could be producing results more efficiently. Now I’m swirling back in self doubt about being capable of “doing it all,” and if I would want to if it means needing to push beyond what I’m currently comfortable doing. In another line of thought I feel angry that he doesn’t see all that I am doing great. I want to continue doing what I’m doing, but also realize that I want him to change his opinion of me.