Over Consumer!!!

Hi Brooke

I am an over consumer! I over consume, food, your work, other life coaches, self help gurus, learning material, reading, my childs life, my husbands life ( I want to know everything! ) etc. The only thing I can think of that I don’t over consume is alcohol, ironically because I don’t like being out of control however at the moment I FEEL/THINK that I am totally out of control. I am a bufferer with over consuming. I know this now! I realised this while driving to work this morning and was thinking about my protocol and how I cant start eating on it coz I didn’t get it right the first time I submitted my sample protocol for review. My immediate thought was I need to learn more and relisten to all your teachings! So now this has been realised, now what! How do I approach my desire to over consume… I love listening and working with you so I don’t want to stop answering my desire to consume your work…but then again I don’t want to answer my drool for you (so to speak! lol). How do I stop using all these things to stop buffering…. I hope this makes some sense as I am typing it frantically to get as much of what I thought on my way in onto this post! xx