Over desire for nuts

I find myself liking nuts too much. I eat a salad for lunch every day except Friday, on fridays I run errands so instead of salad I pack a “deli lunch” and just throw some meats and cheeses and veggies in a container and call it good and also have a bag of mixed nuts I throw in there too. It’s all just plain regular nuts, not roasted no sugar or anything just the plain regular nuts from the baking aisle.

I find myself looking forward to the nuts. Can’t wait to eat the nuts. I really love nuts.

I often overeat them after I’ve already reached full/fueled/satiated, over-fill my mouth with them, I enjoy popping them in my mouth, they’re a good food for in a lunchbox, not messy, can eat while I’m driving sort of thing.

Outside of Friday’s, I do put some nuts in my salad every day. I find myself trying to restrict the amount. Maybe restrict isn’t the best word, but I’ll start to break them up and put them in the bowl, I want more! My brain says. But then ok stop not too much!

I’m puzzled why I care so much about nuts. (But at the same time, look at my thoughts about them! Kinds obvious lol)

This is a problem because I feel out of control and can’t trust myself to just have a few nuts with Friday lunches. It feels like compulsive. Like a snack-y dessert entertainment food, although they are on my protocol. The thought of taking nuts out of my life – brain says hell no we fucking love nuts, it’s one of the last bits of pleasure we get from food, please don’t take it away.

I find myself allowing urges through the day for having just a snack of nuts, being curious why I care so much about nuts, given they are just one fuel food on my allowed food list among many.

I recently had a similar experience with bananas with sugar free almond butter and did a joy eat with it and ultimately got to the place where I do enjoy it and that’s fine, but I know I can live without it if I wanted to, and now feel more in control and powerful around that and would like to apply it to the nuts too.