Over drinking model help

I chose to focus on weight loss goals initially in scholars (and still do) because giving up sugar and flour doesn’t hurt near as much as giving up the wine. I can give up sugar without going through the river of misery. I tell myself that nightly wine is my habit, it is easy, it helps me relax, I feel better in the moment, it is just wine with dinner, I enjoy drinking while I cook, etc. I justify this with I’m a successful person, I don’t drink and drive, I have had no wine related consequences, my relationships are solid, etc. I struggle with a compelling reason to quit drinking. I know that wine doesn’t serve me. I can drink almost a whole bottle of wine and function normally the next day. This concerns me that I could develop health related issues if I keep this up.

I have had drinking wine as my circumstance in my models, but I recently heard a coach say it belongs in the A line. Sadly, when I make my new models with drinking in the Action line, I don’t know what my circumstance is.
T–I need to relax, I have an urge, I can start later, I like wine while I cook, I’m not working tomorrow, I’m not driving, I had a rough day at work, So and so got mad at me, it was a stressful day, things at work didn’t go as planned, so and so doesn’t like me
F–anxiety, fear, restless
A–keep drinking
R–wake up in the night, not fully present when putting kids to bed, don’t read at night to my kids like I would like, weight gain from wine, I think I’m not affected at work, but I’m probably not as clear headed as I could be, I am 20 pounds overweight

Am I crazy to not even know what my circumstance is that is driving this? I need help understanding the model?