Over drinking

Hi there. This morning I feel weird. I have joined in January for over drinking and have gone from drinking almost every second day (a bottle) to drinking once in a week or even two weeks. I got up this morning and acknowledged this thought in my brain that has been sitting there now for a while, which is….I dont want to drink at all, I dont enjoy drinking anymore and I dont like how it makes me feel. Now, the weird feeling I feel is that it sort of feels to me as if I have to start from the beginning as I now have to change my protocol to NO alcohol. Although I have made huge progress, which I acknowledge, I do feel as if I am starting from scratch now. A month ago I also started on a strictly vegetarian diet which came to me very naturally. I dont even have to do any work on this as this feels so natural. I really want to live a “clean, healthy” life and alcohol has no place in this. I shall do so some work regarding this “feeling” today and figure this out. Any thoughts on this thank you. 💛