Over Eating

I listened to all of the Stop Over Eating Workshop and am on the 2nd Q&A. I have a few questions to get started:
Are beans ok?
If artificial sweeteners are ok, why is diet coke not ok? I like DC but it’s not a habit.
I am one of those rare people who does not eat sugar or flour very often (I occasionally eat bread and that sometimes is very triggering and starts a giant binge) I love protein and veggies but I tend to graze and do a lot of over drinking tea, coffee with sweet n low. I don’t eat much cheese as I find that triggering too or at least something I crave more when I have just a little. I think IF will help me. What’s OK during the fast window? I want to get off the desire wheel. I think I’ve been over doing the protein and will play with cutting back. Thank you for your help!