Over Eating Plan

I have started watching the series of videos and taking notes. I have been building a list of questions (which I know I can take to the Q and A also) I am working on OD now and want to be open to learning about OE before jumping right in. As I take notes I have been writing down questions and don’t want to build 100 questions to all be answered at the end. So here are some of the questions to start:

1. When we do the intermittent fast over time, does our metabolism shut down and not want to burn even our own fat?
2. Why do people who do strict diets and loose a lot of weight gain back so quickly when they go off their diet?
3. How do we deal with this program and life events (things we need to do or places where we need to be or life circumstances that come up from preventing us from eating during our window or not have access to our food?)
4. If fat is the number one source, does that mean eating chicken with the skin on?
5. Is the hunger scale just something we learn to recognize once we are on our protocol and experience fat adaptation or are we paying attention to it to know when to eat?
6.What is 2 to 2 meals?
Thanks so much!