Over Eating Protocol

Can my daily protocol just be, no sugar and flour, 2 meals a day with an 8 hour window, no snacking, protein, fats, vegetables, fruit. The protein is approximately 4-6 oz. I find this easier than saying exactly what the food will be but I’m careful to have a lot of options in the house.. For example, especially on the weekend mine and my husband’s plans can be very up in the air and I don’t know necessarily what we are doing and where we will be. During the week it’s a bit easier to determine exactly what I will be eating for each meal. That’s what I have been doing this whole past week. I was writing down exactly what I was going to eat. But one lunch, life happened and I unexpectedly had to drive my mother-in-law into Manhattan and had to grab something I could eat in the car. So I switched what I was exactly eating but brought something within my protocol.