Over working

I’m noticing that I’m slipping out of being present and have moved into “doing” mode. I’m getting a lot of stuff done, which is good, but I have this underlying feeling of disconnection from my body. I feel like I’m cut off from my emotions, just running full speed ahead to accomplish my goal.

But something doesn’t feel good. I don’t want to live my life like this. I notice what’s happening is that I’m keeping all these plates spinning in the air. Usually I’ll drop one and will crash and burn. But right now, they’re all up spinning in the air. I’d like to be able to intentionally take those plates out of the air, and carefully put them away, so I can return to my authentic self.

When I think about doing that, though, I feel resistance. Like, “shut up and get it done” is what I tell myself.

(In retrospect, I think this is workaholism)

C – working many hours, in my head
T – shut up and get it done
F – disconnected from my emotions
A – try not to drop a spinning plate, keep moving fast, done stop, don’t slow down, keep going
R – get lots done, disconnected from emotions (not sure how this connects to my T line)

How do I want to feel
C – working many hours, in my head
T –
F – in the flow, calm, grounded, excited, clear, confident, in my power
A – take the next right step
R – connected authentic life

Can someone help me with these models?

Thank you!!