How to overcome fear of sugar.

Hi Brooke,
I have been successfully (for months) staying off sugar and flour and I even try lately to make sure my joy eats are sugar-less and flour-less. It has been amazing – Thank you!!

I had a very sweet tooth all my life (my downfall) and the fact that when I am on protocol, the desire and urge for sugar is zero blows my mind!! (it is almost like I had a stroke and woke up with a different brain!)

HOWEVER, if I do have sugar (even when is planned or by accident e.g. a restaurant adds sugar into the veggies without my knowledge), I feel a physiological reaction and the desire for sugar comes back. It is not of course as hectic as before and if I go back into protocol immediately – i have a few “semi rough” days and I go back to no desire for sugar. Of course to be truthful they were times when that “triggering” happened I did not managed my thoughts correctly and I allowed myself to slid sliding into sugar territory for few days/weeks and a lot of model work and thought downloads needed to be done to bring me back into protocol and sanity.

My question to you is that I have found myself now VERY afraid of sugar or rather not trusting myself managing my thoughts when sugar enters my bloodstream- as if I am walking on tight rope and one step to the left of right will send me into the abyss!

I would appreciate your wisdom on this
Many thanks!