Overcoming a negative thought(s)?

I’m afraid this is one of those run-on sentence questions:

As I’ve listened to you work with other life coaches, I keep telling myself, “I can never be them.” I already have an online business and I’ve been working to apply many concepts to that work but I’m in no way excited about it. When I think of doing this work for the next twenty years…well…it’s feels like a waste in ways. I’m wrestling between feeling like it doesn’t matter what work I do, as long as I control my thoughts surrounding it AND I should be doing something that I’m inspired to do (I figure I successfully started one business, why not another). Lately I’m more and more interested in the concept of life coaching. I have a niche I would be passionate about and can think of endless content surrounding it. I have the knowledge for the business set up and marketing. One of the specific doubts in my head with this niche is that these people should be seeing a therapist rather than a life coach. Have you had others question that? How do you explain the benefit of a life coach over a counselor. Any thoughts are most appreciated. I’m struggling to start a thought download around this.