You included this paragraph in an answer below. Could you expand on it for me as I know that is where my work lies? For the past few years going for the goodies has been my comfort, my escape, my entertainment and has led to my weight gain of 25 lbs. I’ve been dancing around this work not sure how to really dig in.
You said, “I also want to encourage you to treat the cause and do your best to REDUCE OVERDESIRE…”

I believe the cause for me is not wanting to sit with the anxiety and discomfort I feel without the optioN of putting treats in my mouth. Right now I am a better wife and mom when I’m “on” sugar since it keeps me calm and able to handle things.

So my work is getting to calm, steady and centered without sugar. What else?

This is where I get lost. I’m sure I need to do models but I dont know where to start.

C: 4 kids, managing household
T: so much to do, I’m not doing this right, parenting is hard
F: anxiety, stress, overwhelm
A: treats in mouth
R: fat

I do tons of models where I change the thoughts and I do see how the results should change. My impossible goal will definitely get me to dive in more here. (I will post about that soon)

So I guess my question is… Can you give me more direction on reducing overdesire? What does that mean for me?