Am I overdoing it or just making excuses?

I am a recently graduated new nurse. I worked long and hard for over 5 years to achieve this and am so proud of myself. My transition from a mother, wife, student and full time nurses aid to graduate nurse working for a great company was made even more smooth by implementing the ideas you have introduced to me through your podcasts. My long term goal is to travel nurse in 2018-2019. I can make great money and travel. My husband is totally open to going wherever and whenever I want to go which makes me so blessed! As a new nurse (2months) I realized if I want to live my dreams and travel I have to #1 work for over 1 year to get experience and #2 get experience in the area i want to work in as a travel nurse. I recently have gotten 2 other jobs to help me get more experience some weeks working 60+ hours a week. I have been doing this for about a month and I have realized I cannot keep this up long term. Burnout is real is healthcare especially and I am headed for that direction so early in my career.
I want to follow my dreams and goals but I feel I am overdoing it. I don’t want to feel like i am giving up on my dreams and goals if I decide to step back a little and set some healthy and a realistic work schedule for myself. Am I using overwhelm/overdoing it as an excuse? I feel like I have been doing what I think is best but now its time to reevaluate for my sanity and make some changes to best support all of my goals.