Overdrinking-Counting Allowed Urges

I have two questions. I have been counting my allowed urges since February. Some days, I have several urges. I will overcome one urge and then an hour or so later, another one will come. Most times they are related to similar thoughts like..”oh, it’s so nice and sunny outside wouldn’t it be great to have a glass of wine in a cafe” or “Oh it’s Sunday, it’s so nice to relax with a glass or wine on Sundays”. I have been counting this as one urge. Do you only count one urge a day? Is there a way to distinguish between two separate urges?

I am keeping track and writing down everything. It made me realize that when I drink now, which is overall much less than a few months ago (thank you) I am binging more. I have been trying to feel the urge rather than use willpower when I don’t drink. I’m using tools like feeling the sensation in my body and trying to imagine myself sitting next to the urge on a bench, but I think I keep defaulting to will power. Are there any other tools for me to stay with the urge or do you have any suggestions about how to deal with binging beyond being paying attention to it and using massive action?

thank you.