Overdrinking, overeating

I’m considering giving the overeating protocol a try. I also have occasional problems buffering with overdrinking, but it’s suggested to not do both. I find it hard to believe I can lose weight while still drinking. But then again I’m obsessed with calorie counting and know how much alcohol can contribute to weight gain.

I do see that they’re similar in that I do them both to cover a feeling, but definitely choose one over the other based on what’s more convenient or my level of desire to escape.

I do have a drinking protocol pretty much dialed in, though I did go off of it Monday night. I wanted to avoid a big feeling. I’m definitely more afraid of pursuing letting go of overeating and certain foods, so maybe that’s the one? I am also experiencing rapid weight gain over the last few months and it’s very uncomfortable, especially just with indigestion alone from so much bread and cheese.