Overdrinking question

Hi, I have a problem with drinking and am overweight and through this process I realise the two are linked – when I drink I eat bread and crackers to an excessive extent. So have decided to put my focus on drinking first – if I don’t drink I make far better food choices anyhow. So first, is this a good idea or should I do them together?
I am struggling with cutting down my drinking – I would prefer to be able to drink occasionally than give up entirely. Last week I had planned to drink on Friday night, but drank far more than I had decided ahead of time. And on Sunday, when I was not going to drink, I did drink. I was working and it was stressful – disagreements with my editor about how something should be. My thoughts were hellishly negative – she’s an idiot, I’m hopeless etc etc and I felt I needed a drink to finish the work. I did so, then kept drinking after the work was completed. Work stress and drinking for me go together often. I know the principles, I think, but the ability to stop and observe the urge calmly I found extremely difficult. Any tips for this, or just keep trying? I am trying not to beat myself up too much – I did have four alcohol-free days last week which is fabulous for me! But I am so fearful that I’ll fail to do this. Thanks so much, Gay