overdrinking question

I am working on both the overeating and overdrinking modules and really finding some helpful resources and videos. I am doing a daily drink plan and also “food protocol” and experimenting with intermittent fasting as well. I am reviewing things after the end of the day to see how things have gone.
I am very proud that my drink plan for this first week has gone rather well….I am trying to gain confidence and not use the usual “shame/guilt” model.
I went to a special event last nite and had a drink plan of 3 glasses of wine. I felt very confident and was with a group that doesn’t drink much. I really enjoyed my first glass of wine very slowly (in fact slowest I have ever done). I did the same with the 2nd and was enjoying dinner, conversation and music. I did order my 3rd and it seemed to go rather quickly and before I got to the end and they closed out our tab I found myself ordering a 4th. I did not allow the urge or sit with it at all. As I think today and review what happened I think I had a panic thought of “this has to be my last nite of numerous glasses” so i might as well add one more on. I have decided to drink only 1-2 during the week and not every nite. So, i think I had that feeling of panic and caved in to the drink.
I woke up this morning and felt “gross”…..not awful but very sluggish and slow. I had noticed earlier in the week how much better I was starting to feel. I went right to the scholars and watched a few videos and did worksheet in my head and thought I would ask your thoughts. I haven’t asked a question yet so am interested to see how you respond?
What strategy might you recommend- I think it is like a thought of future deprivation that struck as well as panic.

thanks for any suggestions!