I have been working on overeating management efforts with your materials for almost a year. My weight came close to goal, then has gone up 15-20 pounds. I had a series of stressors, and clearly ate in response. This past week, I was back to 100% on plan. Late Saturday through Sunday, I ate exclusively f/s (in the form of baked goods). I started b/c I was stressed and overwhelmed at work, then continued as if I didn’t care anymore (which, in the moment, I didn’t).

Is it best to focus on avoidance of the situation that led to my overeating? In this case, overworking and not sleeping enough. And work through models on that?

Or do I embrace my desire to overeat when tired/overworked and start models for that situation.

My mind very much goes to a place of “I don’t care if I gain weight” mode at those times, and then my mind refuses to consider alternatives.