Overeating and 7 hours car travel per day

Hi Brooke

So there’s something I’m stuck with in the stop overeating process.

I have been making the 2 lists you advised about what I like to overeat, and what would be better than overeating, and the ‘better than’ list is of course more compelling.

Where I get stuck, however, is that in the reality of my daily life, most of those other things aren’t options in that moment when I want to overeat. My job involves travelling in a car with 4 other people for about 7 hours per day as we travel between locations, and that’s when I most want to overeat. The problem is that all the other things I’d rather do than overeat, aren’t possible when in a car eg take a bath, work on my business, spend time with my dog etc.

So what’s the solution there? Do I change my job to something where I CAN do those things all day so my life is better overall, or do I just accept that 7 hours in a car is a circumstance and I have to make my thoughts around it better so I don’t overeat. I’m at a bit of a loss for how 7 hours in a car can be a life that is totally awesome, even though I love what happens when we finally arrive at our destination each day. How would you make that better?