Overeating advice

If eating between the 2s is no longer recommended, what is and how do we find out more as I want to make a proctocol to stop overeating. Where would I find new/more information on making a protocol. I’ve just joined SCS so I’m not sure how this works fully yet.

I’m not overweight but I want to lose another 5-10lbs. I tend to binge eat. I’m trying to learn how to manage my urges but sometimes it happens so quickly, how can I find the time to pause and be more conscious when I’m having an urge like this morning I thought I want that and I had some chocolate. I’ve tried working on my justifications myself, usually by writing how it’s not true, this is a lie I tell myself and this how I will feel afterwards or what I really want to do/feel about myself by not responding but I still respond to them, how should I approach my justifications?

I don’t beat myself up anymore and feel less shame so I’ve made some progress with my overeating there. Usually my binges all used to be really big but now sometimes I have some smaller ones where I initially stop listen to the keep going thoughts or you’ve messed up now, what’s the point in stopping so I can see progress, my habit is to think this isn’t working, your still the same/making the same mistakes, this isn’t good enough/your not doing good enough or going backwards so I’m trying to show my brain that I have made progress in some areas and I’m just working on learning to manage my urges better and now I’ve joined SCS I will empower myself more to manage my urges better so there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t know if I’m being too impatient with myself as I’ve overate my whole life, I didn’t used to buffer when I was a child but I remember doing it for the pleasure/desire and it was also my mum’s way of treating us/showing love was with food. Right now, i’m mostly giving into the urges just due to desire. As I’m overeating 3-4 days a week right now, should I make 24 hour plans where I plan for this or should I be writing plans where I write out how I want to eat and just manage my urges? I’ve read the most of the overeating workshop booklet but I still had these questions.