Overeating Alone

HI Brooke, I eat like a the healthiest person ever when I”m in a social situation, at a party, or restaurant with friends. It’s at home, alone, that I plan and plot and binge and cook and overeat until I”m sick to my stomach. I’ve been watching and taking notes on OE Workshop, and I do TDLs and Un Models and In Models, (need more help with these, thought). My question is this; I think I don’t eat like most normal people, who overeat when they’re with others. I resist and hold on tight until I’m alone, then lose my mind. Or I plot and plan to be home alone for a day, food shop and make 6 or 7 things that I want, mostly cheesey meaty floury and sugary things…..hahaha, what else is left?? I was addicted to cocaine 30+ yrs ago, then had my kids, then found pills as a substitute, then stopped pills and now it seems food has taken the place of all other addictive substitutes. Please advise if my social situations should try to be normalized? I went to a dinner party last night and ate a normal amount of whatever was served, which was pasta with broccoli and filet of beef and salad and brownies for dessert. I didn’t overeat (which I would have at home) but I had it all, which is very unusual for me. I planned it as my exception meal for the week. Is this okay, and i have to say it felt good to eat like a normal person and THEN I came home ( and this is when I’d be so hungry and go insane) and I worked through an urge to eat. I felt it, and got very uncomfortable and then it passed. I wrote it down as my 2nd successful urge I let go of. Does this seem like I”m doing it right. I have a protocol 6 hours window of eating, either 12-6, 1-7 or 2-8 based on my work schedule and it’s 4 oz protein/3 fats and 10 oz veg and I piece of fruit for Lunch 6 oz of protein/2 fats/and 10 oz of veg and 1 piece of fruit for dinner. I am 5’8′ and weigh 239. Size 18. Belong in a size 6, as I was in my teens and 20s. is there any extra work I should do on this. Plus, when I give in to an urge and I’ve eaten (twice over the holidays), is there any written work or anything else I can do to STOP the process once it’s started? Thanks so much, this is the first time I’ve been able to stay on any plan or protocol in many years.