Overeating and Being Inconsistent

I’m focused on stopping overeating.
I caught myself feeling inadequate, found the thought and realized this was why I started thinking about eating ice cream. I didn’t eat the ice cream.
While I was in the kitchen looking for something to overeat on, I heard my brain say, don’t write down your thoughts or you won’t get to eat that. It was so funny and I was so surprised to recognize the thought. I didn’t overeat.
Later, I started thinking I’m tired, let’s just eat. I overate.
I know that I can sit with the emotion and the desire to eat will fade. I don’t dislike feeling the emotions when I do this. I like it but I’m not doing it all the time.
I know that if I do a thought download, I often don’t want to overeat afterward but I’m not doing this every time I feel like overeating.
How do I improve my success rate?