Overeating and exhaustion

I noticed that I normally overeat when I’m exhuasted. I don’t want to admit I’m exhausted from a long work day, exciting public presentation, or client meetings. Its not as though I’m typically exhausted from anything bad occurring. My job requires me to be “on” a lot of time and I’m running on an adrenaline high from being on all day. I come home and don’t want the day to be over and I don’t want to crash out so I eat….then I desire to eat some more as a way to stay awake. It is weird because when I overeat, I usually get a burst of energy and then a food coma crash. So while I stay awake initially, it also like I’m finally letting my body relax and crash from being so UP UP UP all day.

I want to break the cycle but my resistance model looks like this
C: work
T: I’m exhausted, but don’t want the day to end without doing anything at home
F: lazy bum
A: over eat, crash on the couch, wake up hours later too tired to do anything, go to bed, beat myself up
R: nothing gets done at home