overeating and money!

Hi Brooke, I am doing your weight loss strategy and it’s going well, and I think I’ve identified a big triggers that is causing me to overeat that I’d love some coaching on to see if my new model is ok

MONEY! This is kind of stupid, and I know it rationally, but I also get this huge feeling of ‘I should eat the food when it’s free, as otherwise I need to spend my own!’ – as a touring musician money isn’t exactly lucrative, but equally I’ve NEVER not had enough money to eat so I know this is stupid, but I also know it trips me up.

Old model:
C: there is free food
T: This is free, I’d be stupid not to eat it. The food is part of my salary (for meals at work) so the more I eat the more I get ‘paid’. If I eat now, I’ll save my own money on buying food later.
F: I must eat as much as possible
A: I eat everything in sight!
R: I gain weight, I don’t feel good. I break my committment to myself.

New Model:
C: there is free food
T: This might save me £ but it will gain be lbs! I will end up net negative financially because I’ll have to spend a lot more on weightloss coaching etc than I save in free food. I have plenty of money to buy healthy food on my protocol. I have never once not have enough money to buy food.
F: In control of my overeating and my finances. I come from a place of abundance and am honouring myself and my committments.
A: I don’t eat the free food.
R: I lose weight and feel good.