Overeating and not hungry

I joined a gut health 12-week program and had cleaned up my eating, being more intentional about the foods I choose to eat, the times I eat and the amount of food I eat. Over about 6 months I lost 10kgs, in the initial 12 weeks I was very committed and stuck to the eating perimeters to the letter. Once the course completed I have let the rules slip a little but still mostly staying strong.

In the past 6 weeks I have not followed any of the guidelines, I have been overeating consistently, eating foods I know cause me physical pain and discomfort and not looking after myself at all.

I did a model today:

C: Eating when not hungry
T: I want to eat myself away
F: Deflated
A: Binge eat rubbish, not listen to my body, judge and criticize myself
R: Not loose weight, gain weight lost back, physical discomfort, stomach pain

C: Eating when not hungry
T: This happens sometimes
F: Acceptance
A: Do thought work, listen to my body, be kind and gentle
R: Look at myself with curiosity and compassion, learn and grow

How do I get to my intentional model? Or just stop overeating? I don’t want to desire all the food when I’m not hungry.
Right now I’m standing in the fridge eating anything to try and satiate my feelings and can’t see the woods for the trees.