Overeating-Artificial Sweeteners (diet coke)

I have signed up for Scholars in January 2020 because of the Overeating modules, which I really love.
I don´t have much weight to lose as I have already lost a significant amount of weight with different diets (height: 5 ft 7 in; starting weight: 185 lbs; current weight: 140 lbs; goal weight: 130 lbs). I really like Brooke´s approach with no sugar/no flour because it seems so logical to me and I think it could help me with my binge eating.
The main problem for me is giving up diet sodas, because I really love them, especially diet coke. To be honest, I am used to sipping diet sodas troughout the whole day. I tried to give them up several times when I wanted to follow a no sugar/no flour diet (Bright Line Eating), but until now I have always failed, because I feel so restricted when I cannot drink them. I guess I am addicted to diet coke as well as to sugar.
I would like to know if I should keep drinking diet coke until I am used to the no sugar/no flour diet? Or would you suggest that I choose a date in the nearer future (for example next Saturday) and totally skip those drinks from this time on. Thanks in advance!