Overeating at dinner

I have listened to the overeating modules and am doing a great job with avoiding sugar and flour, writing a protocol and sticking to it, and experimenting with intermittent fasting.

The place where I get tripped up is overeating at a meal. I only eat things that are on protocol but eat to point of being more full than I want to. Then I am not hungry at all until well into the afternoon the next day. I initially lost about 5-7 pounds when I started this process, but have now been at a plateau for several weeks.

I have been trying to figure out what thoughts I am having that lead me to overeat. I think it’s things like: “This tastes good. I don’t want to stop. I’m doing everything else so well. This is my chance to have a little bit of pleasure.” These thoughts seem to function the same way in the model:

C: Dinner
T: This tastes so good; I don’t want to stop OR “I’m doing everything else so well; this is my chance to have a little bit of pleasure
F: Entitled
A: Keep eating
R: Gain weight and reverse the progress I made

How can I change my thinking so I can create thoughts of empowerment, or self-love so I can make choices that serve me and my goal of having harmony with my body and losing weight?