Overeating call with Rachel

Hi Coaches,
I had written in about continuing to eat chocolate even thought it doesn’t taste as good as I remember. I do this out of habit as well as a pleasurable activity. I did not get what she was saying (in the moment), I had to go back and listen to Rachel’s response again and again and again and then 5 more times, but I finally get it now. This is my conclusion for what is going on: Brain seeks dopamine –> search for sugary snack –> find chocolate and eat it –> do not enjoy it, but continue eating –> dopamine is not delivered –> brain throws a fit –> I start thinking thoughts like: I should have just stopped when I realized I wasn’t enjoying it –> feel regretful –> beat myself up –> feel shitty about my decisions –> try to feel better by seeking more dopamine. Cycle repeats. If I understand correctly she is saying, at the point where I start to notice that I am acting harshly towards myself, I need to open up and explore. I would love to go deeper into this, if you have any suggestions to additional thought work I would really appreciate it. Thank you coaches for the amazing gift of self awareness.