Overeating Follow Up

I just finished the overeating call from today and I have a few questions after filling out my notes post call ◡̈ (Also Jenn is amazing, thank you so much for teaching the class!)

Two questions:
1. Are these thoughts from a place of love or hate? I’m not quite sure: I like how I look when I’m skinnier, or I like how I looked in photos a year ago (when I was less heavy). I’m not saying that I will feel worthy after I look this way, just that I feel more beautiful or I think I look better in photos from a year ago at a lower weight. It’s hard for me to sort of discern what is coming from love or what is coming from hate. Thank you.

2. How do I question or think a more productive thought when I have the unintentional thought, “I want to keep eating this because it tastes good. Why would I stop?” And some context, I want to stop overeating because I want to be more connected with my body. I overeat so much that I feel hungover the next day and so lethargic. I also just feel physically horrible after going out to eat and I like am so scared to try new restaurants with friends because I am afraid I’ll just overeat because I think it all tastes so good and want to keep eating it because it’s so yummy!