Overeating Goals Not Met

I have been following my protocol for overeating for the last 8 weeks. I am trying to lose 8 lbs. I have been walking 10k steps a day. Up from 4-5k. I am allowing urges much easier for flour and sugar and I eat these as planned. I am IF for 14 hours a day. I have reduced alcohol to 2-3 drinks a week from 5-6. I have lost 0.5 lbs. I am trying not to lose motivation as I tell myself I have more energy, my skin is better and I stopped having debilitating headaches, although the scale hasn’t moved much.
I give in to urges when my emotions become difficult for me to stand. I feel on edge, restless etc. it comes out as being irritable, getting agitated, impatient. I think I am in a cycle of giving in to the urge because of my emotions, not seeing the scale move because I gave in and then cutting back more foods and repeating the cycle. Instead of cutting more foods out I think I would do better if I managed my emotions better during those intense urges, which are usually when I have not eaten for a while, and I lose sight of the fact they are just vibrations.
I need coaching in my thought that the scale ‘still’ has not gone down by much, and if I am understanding where I am in the overeating cycle.
Thank you!