overeating help

I have a tendency to have a massive binge if I’m alone in the house or at work around carbs/choc/cakes etc – I have thoughts like this is great I can eat without anyone seeing me/no one will know even when it’s something not bad to eat like rice I have this thought, I don’t know why I think this way at home as as my parents don’t care what I eat. I think I’m maybe judging myself but I don’t know why as I’m wanting to eat healthy carbs again. I know I’m judging myself when I don’t want people to see my overeating as I think it’s something I shouldn’t be doing so I’m feeling shame.

I also have thoughts like this is my chance so I’m creating desire and allowing myself to overeat – I want to believe the thought this is my chance to no longer respond to this thought error as I don’t want to overeat but I’m not sure I’m there yet. Do you have any bridge thoughts to help?

I think I can do what I want and eat what I want but I can always do what I want so that’s just a thought error I have. I can eat as much as I want without anyone knowing it was me – but that’s another thought error as I don’t want to keep overeating.

I wanted some help so I don’t start fearing finding myself alone around food as I want to trust myself no matter what around food, in every situation/setting

I also wanted to ask about the hunger scale I sometimes start feeling resentment and frustration for waiting till -2 when I’m at work or going out to meet up with people as I’m like I’m not at -2 yet, I shouldn’t eat so I wanted to know if it’s not practical to wait as you’ve got meetings on, can you just eat till your at +2 instead of waiting for -2