Overeating in social situations EH

I am trying to figure out why I am choosing to overeat at parties.
For instance, this last Friday we had a social event at our house and I pre-ate my meal and planned to not eat anything during the social event. but then I did, and I didn’t stop.

the model was:
C: party
A: ate chips, guacamole, olives, cookies (mindlessly) while socializing
R: gained weight, felt heavy

I was trying to identify the Feeling, which I think was desire. The thoughts that surfaced to get to desire were:
T: I need to eat this food
F: desire

T: It is okay to eat this food
F: relief? or more desire?

T: It is more work to not eat this food
F: desire to not feel resistance

T: I don’t want to not eat the food
F: tired

T: I don’t want to see it and look at it and not put it in my life
F: Rebellious?

T: I want to reward myself
F: desire

T: I don’t want to do the work of understanding and feeling desire without answering it
F: desire

I think that the intentional model would look like this:

C Party
T It is easy to eat on plan when there is a party
F easy,
A coexist with thoughts, allow desire to exist and not be answered
R It is easy.

Is this the right track?