Overeating is preventing weight loss

I’m not viewing the scale as neutral. When I didn’t weigh the last week, my focus was on planning my food the day ahead and following through with that plan, without that morning’s weight factoring in my thoughts. Today I got on the scale and was pleasantly surprised and happy it was down a smidge since last week. Thus, I had thoughts that led to permission to overeat. I know I need to work on the scale being neutral, should I get off the scale for awhile? I have other markers I can monitor also. I do feel much better at my goal weight (which I’ve reached twice this past year but havent maintained, which is why I joined scholars in November.) I’m noticing this is a common unintentional model for me.
Unintentional model
C-Thursday weighed 146 (goal 135)
T-I can get away with this because I didn’t gain weight over Christmas
A-ate off plan
R-gain weight

Intentional model
C-Thursday weighed 146 (goal 135)
T-continue to eat as planned and the weight will come off
A-eat exactly as planned
R-weight loss