Overeating Masterclass work MY COMMITMENT

Thanks for the amazing gifts I received from you when I became a VIP this month! I was blown away by the value…

I jumped right into the overeating stuff (again)…and feel a renewed determination. I have already lost 33 pounds…but I want to lose 80 more pounds by December 31, 2018. I did the “My Commitment” homework, and wanted to share it here.

My Why: Because I will be healthier, feel better, fit in size 6-8 clothes, feel good in a swimsuit, have confidence to coach others on weight loss, have more confidence speaking from the stage, prove to myself I can do anything I set my mind to, be a example for others of what’s possible when they work on their mindset stuff.

What will it cost if I don’t follow through: constant overeating, heartburn, poor sleep, energy spikes and drops from sugar, obsession with peanut butter cups and peanut butter M&Ms, constant negotiating with myself “Oh, this won’t slow down my weight loss” or “I have plenty of time to lose weight”, thoughts about food taking up precious brain space which should be used to work on building my coaching business instead…

What I must believe: I am unstoppable. I do hard things. I am not a candy eater. I am worthy of excellent health. This is my FINAL journey to a permanent healthy weight!

How does it feel to believe it? Inspiring

What do I need to stop believing? It’s too hard. I never keep the weight off anyway. I’ll never break my sugar addiction.

Just wanted the accountability of telling you what my commitments are.