Overeating question

Hello Brook,

I’ve been reviewing the Overeating modules and have loved how much they can and do apply to my original reason for joining…i.e. How to stop Over Drinking. I’m not overweight and never struggled with my weight. I have never had a real sugar addition but feel as though it’s getting harder for me to maintain my waistline no matter how much I work out. I think a lot has to do with being over 50 and going through menapause…. my metabolism has slowed down perhaps? Since reviewing the Overeating Workshop, I’ve been maintaining a sugar free, flour free diet for about a week. I will confess that I’ve reduced the amount of wine but not completely stopped during the holidays. It’s interesting how it’s always been much easier for me to give up sugar, deserts, even food, etc. than it is to give up wine even though it’s full of sugar. I’m committed to taking a couple of inches off my waistline. I’m committed for many reasons and was curious to know your thoughts on losing inches as you get older and how hormones may play a role in that. Also why is popcorn a no no….and is raw honey still considered an actual sugar to avoid?