Overeating thoughts

Hi Brooke,

After discovering your amazing podcast a long time ago and getting lots of results in my life because of your teachings, I have finally signed up for Scholars, yay!

For some time, I’ve been watching my thoughts about overeating. The thought in my mind when I’m by myself and go buy an unhealthy snack is “I deserve a treat” or “I deserve a treat because x, y, z happened today.” I never had a weight issue (in fact was always on the skinny side) prior to having my four children and while I am borderline overweight, I want to go back to my old weight and not slowly increase it.

How do I change my thinking around sugary drinks and chocolate being “treats” that I “deserve”? Should I replace one treat for another? How do I get out of this mindset?

Thank you!
R from New Zealand